4 reasons to see “above the sky”

Today, the film “Above the Sky” is released – a family drama in which there is a place of romantic and even detective history. Oksana Karas talks about difficult relationships within the family, offering her view of modern marriage and middle -aged crisis.

1. Not Indian cinema

A trip to the sanatorium for the friendly family of the animator is a test of the strength of attachments and individual pictures of the world. But the https://hollyhobbieworld.com/la-premiere-experience-sexuelle-sans-consequences/ theme of the family has been mastered more than our TV, recognizing really significant, it seems, only blood ties, which brings Russian series closer to Indian cinema. So one cannot help but welcome the courage of the authors who made a film about family relationships for the big screen. But the point here, it seems, is not in the courage, but in organic matter: the director Karas and screenwriter Ekaterina Mavromatis are 40-year-old women who expressed their view of the family.

2. The crisis of average

The modern female look, as it turns out, is more attentive and non -illuster than the male. Thus, it is possible to consider a lot that used to hide from our cinema. For example, a male crisis of middle -aged, not without self -denial and completely without false shame, played in the film Alexei Agranovich. And female “crisis of empty nests”, brave-hysterically embodied by Victoria Tolstoganova. And today’s marriage, which has more solidarity than affection. In addition, the authors managed to combine family and romantic stories in the film and even a little detective.

3. Covenants

Classical model of the Film of the Fortyness – Fellini’s Sweet Life. It has a thirst for life and fatigue from it, the desire to simplify the existing relationship and refresh in the new ones, to finally take place and at the same time not perceived by a veteran. All this is in the “above the sky”, this is a film about those who are already forty, and about their self -awareness.

But in our realities, where forty -year -olds are a majority of economically influential population. And the authors of the authors do not get compliments here – they have lost their lightness. All hope for children-17-year-olds who know that flying is possible. You just need the right equipment.

4. Actor Alexei Agranovich

The 48-year-old Agranovich as a director set TV shows, ceremonies and a show, led a television program about football and produced film festivals. But now he has become one of the most in demand by our cinema actors – it seems, unexpectedly for himself. There are already two main roles on his account – in the recently released humorist and now in the “above the sky”.






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