“How to return a love of reading?”

Six months ago, I realized that my interest in reading disappears. I could read absolutely everything that would fall by the arm before. Now the reading speed has decreased literally to 15 pages per hour, and earlier I could “swallow” 100 pages per hour in an hour. Previously, Russian and literature were taught by a wonderful teacher, she often gave books for extracurricular reading not under the program. But from the 8th grade, another woman began to conduct these subjects. She believed that my knowledge is not enough for the Five, and in literature lessons she did not tell anything about interesting books or about the life of writers. In the 9th grade, relations with her more or less have established. She said about my problem that this is all due to stress before exams. But it has been a month and a half, and the love of


reading has never returned. What should I do about it?

Alexandra, 16 years old

Your anxiety about the impossibility of reading as quickly as before, is quite understandable. Try to read some book that you like and corresponds to your age and look at the speed. Now reading is a need for you, and this can affect your desire to read anything.

There is a chance that your experiences are due to two psychological problems. The first is a small situation of psycho -trauma, when you are from a teacher who clearly loved reading on his own, moved to a teacher who focuses more on the requirements of the program. As soon as we have a debt instead of pleasure, the psyche begins to experience resistance and slightly sabotages these classes.

The second is your high exactingness to yourself. You felt that they began to read more slowly, began to control this process more, and he lost his natural course. You are worried, and anxiety always takes away a lot of energy from us, and as a result we spend on the usual action – for example, reading – much more time and effort. If you managed to reduce yourself and start to get pleasure from books again, the speed of reading would be restored.






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