Exhibition “Inclusive”: masterpieces of Western European painting of the XIV -XVIII centuries

In the art gallery VS Unio, the exhibition “Facial. Private collections of Western European painting of the XIV -XVIII centuries, ”which presents the rare works of Bernardo Bellotto, Francesco Guardi, Giovanni Tiepolo, Vechellio Titian, Abraham Bruegel and other masters.

One of the first exhibition was visited by the theater and film actor Georgy Dronov, TV presenter Tina Kandelaki and singer Anita Tsoi. A special impression on them was made by the work of St. Jerome Titian Vechellio, who became a real pearl exposition.

Bernardo Bellotto canvas “Type of the new market in Dresden” is characterized by documentary accuracy. In its central part, along the facade of the building, the watch of the military garrison is built. The soldiers there are amazing in great growth. The documents preserved in the archives testify to the passionate hobby of the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm-he collected giant soldiers from all over Europe and created a guard from them. Knowing this, Peter I presented him as a gift 55 selected Russian grenadiers. They are depicted on the canvas.

The exposition was decorated with the work of the representative of the Venetian school of the leadingists, Francesco Guardi. Classical series of architectural fantasies have a harmonious composition.

The attention of the guests was also attracted by the work of Flora Rosalba Carrier – an Italian miniaturist, one of the main representatives of the Rococo style. The Venetian artist was a chosen member of the French Royal Academy of Painting. Her art was admired by many monarchs of Europe and ordered their portraits.

The exhibition “Inclusive” is designed to emphasize the significance of the private collecting of works of fine art as


cultural activities for the preservation and dissemination of artistic values.

Dates of the exhibition: November 29 – January 27.
Gallery address: Business Quarter “Arma”, Nizhny Susalny Per., 5, p. 5a, -1 floor.
Gallery operating time: Tuesday – Saturday from 12:00 to 20:00.






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